Tutor With Neighborhood Longhorns Program!

The Neighborhood Longhorns Program is an incentive based community outreach program which was established in 1991 and currently works with over 5300 students at 30 title 1 elementary and middle schools in AISD. NLP provides many different incentives to help the students at these school reach there full potential. They provide scholarships, host award assemblies, and take the students on trips to campus. But the most important incentive they provide and the one they need most help with is their tutoring Component. It's only for 1 hour a week and there are schools all over Austin. The available tutoring times to choose from are 3pm-4pm M-Th.  If your interested please email Amir Emamian at amir.emamian@austin.utexas.edu, you can also visit their website at neighborhoodlonghorns.org for more information.